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Simple Benefits Guide

The welfare benefits system is divided into two categories, non means tested and means tested benefits.

Non Means Tested Benefits

Child benefit: Paid for children in full Time Education up to 19 years of age.

Statutory Sick Pay: Paid by employers up to 28 weeks of continued absence from work due to sickness.

Incapacity Benefit: Paid after 28 weeks if the individual is still unfit to resume employment. (This benefit is taxable). Note it is common for claimants of this benefit to be asked to complete an "All Work Questionnaire" and in some cases attend a medical examination by the Employment Medical Officer (EMO).

Disability Living Allowance: This benefit is divided into two Sections Mobility and Care Components; Age limits Children over 6 months old and adults up to their 65th Birthday.


  • High Rate Mobility component must have either Severe Mobility restrictions or Can Not walk at all. Children can qualify for high rate from the age of three years onwards.
  • Low Rate Mobility Usually paid to individuals who need to be accompanied whenever they venture out of doors. e.g. Blind, Deaf, Mentally impaired. Children needing constant Guidance and Supervision when out of doors


  • Low Rate Care component individuals who need minimum 15 hrs per week Physical Care or Supervision.
  • Middle Rate Care paid to individuals who need a minimum of 35 hrs per week care and or supervision.
  • High Rate Care Individuals who need both Day and night Care, or Supervision.

Attendance Allowance: Paid to individuals over their 65th Birthday.

Carers Allowance: Paid to Carers under pensionable age providing the Cared for is in receipt of DLA

Middle Rate/ high Rate Care Component or Attendance Allowance, and the claimant not in full time employment or earning more than the permitted earnings limit.

State Pension: Taxable income.

Fuel Allowance: 200 paid to all Pensioners over the age of 60yrs Old.

Means Tested Benefits

To qualify for any means tested benefits applicants need to satisfy the criteria identified on application forms:-

  1. Income Support
  2. Housing Benefit
  3. Council Tax Benefit
  4. Pension Credit
  5. Disability Working Tax Credit*
  6. Family Tax Credits*,
  7. Child Tax Credits*

Note some of these benefits are paid by the Benefits Agency and some paid by the Inland Revenue*

If you are in receipt if any of these benefits they could be a passport to other benefits and concessions. 1. Free Dental Care, Free Eye Tests and Vouchers for Spectacles,
2. Free Prescriptions,
3. Local Authority Social fund Grants and Loan's
4. Some Cinema's offer free tickets to Carers who are accompanied by the Cared For.
5. Contact the Tourist Information for the Area to see if they have other concessions for Theme Parks etc. Reduced fees for Leisure pass. (Sports and Leisure Centres) Bus Passes.

Concessions are dependant upon the Local Authority and may vary throughout the country