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AGM and Appreciation of Efforts Awards 2010

Warrington Disability Partnership has presented 10 awards to local individuals and organisations at their annual Appreciation of Efforts Awards, celebrating the International Day of Disabled People. The ceremony, held in conjunction with the WDP 2010 Annual General Meeting was attended by around 100 people.

The awards, now in their 16th year, were supported by Warrington Worldwide and Warrington Borough Council.

Over 40 nominations were received from disabled people and carers for individuals and organisations that are thought to have excelled in providing innovative or exceptional services that have helped to improve the lives of disabled people living in and around Warrington.

All winners received a framed certificate.

Download a PDF of our Annual Report for 2010 which was presented at the AGM. (2MB PDF)

Category: Individual
Winner: Adrian Derbyshire
Adrian is an inspiration and has taken to wheelchair fencing like a duck to water since having his first try at the sport last September. The 36-year-old was a gold medal winner at wheelchair fencing within only two months and has gone on to be crowned a national champion. Competing internationally this year, Great Britain number one Adrian has claimed three gold medals and two silvers and is set to be one of GB's key fencers in the 2012 Paralympics in London. Adrian was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in 2008 following a haemorrhage. This led to chemical meningitis and left him in a wheelchair. He has recently been inducted into the Olympic Association and has been featured on Channel 4's That Paralympic Show. He has recently won three awards (Wire FM, Cheshire & Warrington Sports & Warrington Sports Personality Disabled Achiever).

Category: Individual
Winner: Eileen McDonald
This nominee has rheumatoid arthritis. She has worked with the infection control team at Hollins Pk to develop and implement a system for preventing hospital infections. This involved herself, a service user from St Helens Mr Harry Blackman, and the infection control nurse. This is unique in the health service, using service users to talk to staff and patients about infection control and has produced outstanding results. The system has recently won the Nursing Times award for infection control- a first for a M/health trust. Her commitment and dedication is outstanding, she is an inspiration to us all.

Category: Media
Winner: Emma Parkes, 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
When our service users told us that the use of derogatory words and phrases such as 'nutter', 'loony' and 'weirdo' is commonplace in society and that this leaves them feeling unhappy and misunderstood, Emma knew she wanted to encourage a positive change in attitude Firstly, she used our innovative 'Big Brother-style' booth to ask local people to talk about their views on mental ill health and learning disabilities on camera. The resulting footage was shocking. Emma's response was to launch a petition on April Fool's Day which carries the hard-hitting message: 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words also hurt me'. By signing, people make a pledge not to use words that stigmatise people suffering from these complex conditions. Emma has set herself the ambitious target of 100,000 signatures and so far, more 23,000 people have signed.

More than more than one million opportunities for local people to view stories which portray people with mental ill health and learning disabilities positively have been created as a result of the campaign. The implication of this is that local people will be more likely to help our service users recover in a better informed, more understanding community Emma has involved service users at every stage of the campaign, from consulting them on her strategy development to giving them the opportunity to collect signatures in person. Taking part in campaign-related activities is also beneficial to our service users in their recovery as Harry Blackman explains: "Having a routine, somewhere to go, keeps me in a positive frame of mind. I know that by taking part in meetings - making suggestions and voicing my opinions - I can really help to shape the campaign." Others have felt that it empowers them to challenge stigma: "I have been very honest about my own problems with people when I have asked them to sign the petition," says service user Iain Yates. "I wouldn't be ashamed to say I have a broken leg so why should I feel ashamed to say I have Schizophrenia? I hope that signing the petition will deter them from using words like 'nutter'." Emma has also facilitated filming sessions in which our service users talk about mental ill health and learning disability-related stigma for clips which have been posted on YouTube. This has enabled an often marginalised group to 'speak' to an unlimited audience.

Category: Fundraising
Winner: Kath McElroy
Kath has been raising money for the above cause by holding bring + buy and car boot sales since the 70's to raise money for people who wish to go to Lourdes who cannot afford it or maybe it's their last chance due to their health. Kath for the last 9 years has also run a prize bingo for above. Even though Kath herself has had breast cancer, she continued to raise the money for less fortunate than herself. Kath arranges social evenings to collect funds, sometimes putting in her own money as well.

Category: Employment
Winner: Keith and Phillip Parrot
These people are MD and Production Manager of a synthetic wood producers in Warrington. Their understanding and support for people accessing employment is evidence of a company being non discriminatory towards disabled people sourcing work and sustaining opportunities. WDP employment team have referred in 5 people of which 4 took up paid full time employment and 3 are still in employment from june 2010. Also Highwood have another employee who is disabled and they tailored the job to suit his abilities. I introduced Highwood to work trials, this allows all people to try a job and employers to try employee. I am looking to get highwood to be a two ticks employer in the new year.

Category: Carer
Winner: Liz Charnock
Liz comes into WDP twice each week to support Hayley. Since Liz commenced working with Hayley, Hayley's confidence has increased 10 fold. Liz has so much patience but also knows how to make Hayley's work fun. Hayley has developed more self confidence and has even set up a 'Facebook' page with Liz's help. I have never seen such a committed carer and think she exemplifies all that any carer should aspire to.

Category: Project
Winner: Marjory Cain & John Wilkins
Marjory worked with my first nominee John Wilkins. Marjory came up with the idea of a Healing Garden - John, a retired Engineer, listened and produced a detailed design and project plan; itiniery and course of action...but Marjory also deserves recognition for this important idea and the effort that she put in parallel to John Wilkins. He has assisted the MacIntyre Trust by designing; raising funds; planning;procuring materials and labour and impementing a Healing Garden for the mentally disabled at Victoria Park,Larchford West, Warrington.

Category: Services
Winner: Sensory Team
This team, in particular the vision team teachers have been the biggest source of support, help and guidance for my son since he was around 5 months of age. Born with multiple disabilities and visual impairment they have helped his vision develop and improve. What is more, they have gone out of their way to run a playgroup for pre school children with vision impairments, something that was strongly lacking in Warrington. This has allowed parents to meet other parents in a similar position as well as benefitting the needs of the children to play in groups. Nothing is too much trouble and I find their service to be of the greatest value to myself and my son.

Category: Employment
Winner: BNFL
Dave Simpson has been put foreward for this award for the support he has given to a member of staff who has a visual impairment, David has been supporting this member of staff for many years, assisting with access to work applications and making sure that he all the relevant equipment to maintain the work he is doing, although seconded to WDP the support is is still in via telephone, visits and emails.

Category: Community Support
Winner: Warrington Retail Market
This award has been given to Warrington Retail Market for the ongoing support for WDP within the local market, enabling disabled to access information about services and equipment, they even built a purpose built stall in the rear market hall to enable WDP to provide a benefits service.

Category: WDP
Winner: Jayne Horton
In appreciation for all the work Jayne has done on the Community Asset Transfer, working on moving the organisation out to Orford and back again, and taking the lead on the all the outstanding works whilst continuing to support staff and volunteers and the day to day running of WDP services.

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