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 Warrington Disability Partnership
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Outsiders welcomes people with physical and social disabilities to join our club, make new friends and, if they wish, find partners.

We also welcome health care professionals who want to include the topics of loneliness, sex and relationships in discussions with their clients but feel alone and unsupported in doing so. We do this through our Sexual Health and Disability Alliance, on


We run the Sex and Disability Helpline from 11.00am 7.00pm weekdays on 0707 499 3527, email sexdis@Outsiders.org.uk . Calls are taken from both disabled people and health care professionals.

Outsiders provides a safe and private haven for people who may be quite vulnerable, sometimes inexperienced and still going through a process of self-acceptance.

Warrington Disability Partnership also run a Relationships, Sex & Disability information helpline.


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