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Do the Motability changes apply to you?

Changes will apply to all new Mobility agreements from 1st January 2012. In line with the choice made by 95% of customers who choose a car with an advanced payment of 2000 or less the price list has been reviewed.

The Motabilty scheme offers a choice of over 1,500 cars, including automatics , please note that the limit does not apply to wheelchair accessible vehicles.
The main point of the changs are that all nominated drivers must live within 5 miles of the Disabled customer. Current nominated drivers can continue for the rest of the lease.

You need only to contact RSA Motability if and when you need to change a nominated driver at which point they will be subject to the new rules.
For more details please contact Motability or your local dealership. Or if you need any clarification or advice about this or any other related matter please contact us at WDP on 01925 240064.


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