Warrington Disability Partnership

Appreciation of Efforts Awards 2024

On Monday 19th February, Warrington Disability Partnership will be holding their AGM and Annual Appreciation of Efforts Awards at Orford Jubilee Hub. These awards, now in their 29th year are presented for excellence in support, services and/or employment for disabled people and carers.

We invite you to nominate an organisation or individual who you think has excelled in providing innovative or exceptional services that have helped to improve the lives of disabled people living in and around Warrington. The aim of the awards is to reward and promote good practice.

Winners will be invited to a presentation ceremony. Closing date for nominations is Monday 5th February.

Previous winners include Warrington Visually Impaired Fiona Paterson,Families United,Susie Greatbanks Show the Light, Dave and Marie Portwood Warrington Mencap, Sue Emery and Fearnhead Community Centre, Wyn Higham and Chris Salisbury.

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