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Easyjet to fit its new planes with accessible toilets! wow!

Still not sure i really believe this !! It appears that an airline is actually planning to fit its new planes with genuinely "accessible" toilets, yes you read that right, accessible loos on board your holiday or business flight, I'm in shock! What's more, its not a flag carrier like BA or American etc its Easyjet!

This is of course a very overdue development but lets not let the 100 year wait for this to happen dampen our enthusiasm for Easyjet's stunning move. The story goes on to say : "All new Airbus A320 delivered after May 2016 will be featuring the wheelchair accessible lavatory. Airbus is the only aircraft manufacturer in the world to offer this inclusive option on single aisle planes. The airline also announced plans to retrofit its existing 76 A320s with the Space-Flex 2 lavatory. The airline said the process should be completed by 2018. The Space-Flex 2 lavatory allows two toilets, each of a size comparable with those existing in the A320 airplane, merge into one through a simple process of conversion". Seriously, this is amazing news for any disabled traveller. This type of structural development on a plane is incredibly rare because, lets face it, theres money involved here and a fair bit of it id guess. Airlines are not famous for their largesse and Easyjet are a budget airline but, they've always been clever and may have stolen a march here on the so called big boys of the sector. After all, which airline do you choose to fly with when considering disabled facilities on board if one of them is so far ahead of the rest? The disabled ound is, as we have always argued, a massive income stream for those far sighted companies who understand the importance of access for all, whilst "getting" that if a disabled passenger chooses them then often so does their entire family. Its not charity or even "corporate social responsibility". its good old fashioned common sense and profit motive !! Which is ok by me when it produces developments like this !! Disabled Go magazine

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Mark Wilson was a trustee on the WDP Board for five years, and a social media management lead until 1st May 2017. Mark's personal blogging website, The Blue Badge Blog, covers a wide range of disability issues, particularly accessible travel.

7th March 2016