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Disability Benefit Cuts? Understanding the impact on human beings.

Benefit cuts entered a new phase last week. Many MP's voted for a cut in the ESA Allowance of £120 or more per month for disabled people. But what is the reality?

Here at WDP we have our personal political views. But this organisation has always been grateful for the active support of local MP's from all parties. That support has been genuine, unstinting, and much appreciated. Sadly whatever local support and feelings suggest, nationally the picture is not feeling like we are living in a society that values all people. WDP is all about people, individuals, those with an impairment visible or not. We have to ask questions on your behalf and talk about these cuts and more like the despicable changes to the PIP points assessment regime due next January that are going to devastate lives. Disabled people's lives in our area, impacting on people in your street, your neighbours, friends and families.

It honestly is not meant to sound overly emotional.

It really isn't about emotions as such, tho they are running high. It is about dignity, decency, and well, just what kind of society people in this country want to be part of? Affordability is a word you will hear a lot this week at Budget time. Please think carefully about whether you are listening to a discussion about the genuine importance of balanced fiscal policy, or whether you are simply hearing one take on financial management which is about an approach that seeks to punish the less strong, the sick, the A&E user, pretty much anyone on a benefit of any kind, the disabled in particular. The objective of which now seems to be to afford a middle class tax break in the budget in 2016 and beyond.

The reality is different.

Read here one disabled persons take on the benefit cuts. It is a little different, it is a reality of investment versus valuable outcome, of quality of life and contribution to society including paying taxes and creating jobs. Martin Sibley gets it. Read why here.


Please note this blog encourages honest free speech but please be clear that these views expressed here are my own and not necessarily those of WDP.

About the author

Mark Wilson was a trustee on the WDP Board for five years, and a social media management lead until 1st May 2017. Mark's personal blogging website, The Blue Badge Blog, covers a wide range of disability issues, particularly accessible travel.

14th March 2016