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The Morning after the Budget when people realise who is paying for tax cuts

Forget politics, left or right, In or Out, it's the morning after George Osborne delivered his budget and it's messy.

The Beaufort Street Blog doesn't want to spoil your breakfast let alone your day but the post budget fall out around the huge cuts in disability benefits is, well, starting to hit the fan good style. The best early discussion I've read is here from the online Guardian. Give it a read, it is in many ways a WDP kind of response in that it focuses not necessarily on the politics, tho they get a mention of course, but on the human cost of these cuts and the lack of good economics, which is interesting in terms of a response, and welcome.

The moral dimension rears its head, at last.

We haven't heard too much until now about the "morals" of this debate. At last people, and surprisingly many Conservatives, are waking up to an amazingly simple moral equation. Namely, that most of the new round of 3.5 billion worth of additional cuts are paid for by devasting reductions in disabled benefits. Much of this is about benefits that support independence, that help disabled people get and stay in work, pay tax, pay NI and in a dignified way contribute to society and family life in ways considered, dare I use the word, "normal".

Much else is about cuts so severe that disabled people coping with life changing disease and illness are going to be left at risk of losing the ability to live in their own homes, possibly ending up with vastly increased local authority costs and a loss of dignity that will be the final straw for many.

Read here what one commentator says this morning about a budget seemingly designed to create a politically motivated surplus via additional austerity, where the key losers in ways that will devastate lives are disabled people striving to be independent and contributors. The moral argument is here and it seems it's come as a surprise to many in the Govt.


About the author

Mark Wilson was a trustee on the WDP Board for five years, and a social media management lead until 1st May 2017. Mark's personal blogging website, The Blue Badge Blog, covers a wide range of disability issues, particularly accessible travel.

17th March 2016