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To everyone in the travel industry

Read this now !

Sometimes you read something that makes you want to shout from the rooftops "this is just so spot on". Sometimes you find someone writing about disability issues who really does "get it". And on a rare occasion you can instantly identify with some or most of the messages. Such is how I reacted to reading Carrie Ann's searingly honest piece in Disability Horizons.

Travel Agents everywhere should read this, so should anyone who runs a hotel, an airline, a rail company, a bus company, a B&B or an entertainment venue of any kind. Here you will read what it can feel like to travel as a disabled person. You can almost touch the sense of anxiety and yes, even "panic" in Carrie Ann's searingly honest assessment of just how it can feel to wait in hope that your wheelchair hasn't been wrecked by a baggage handler, or to check in at a hotel not quite knowing if the essential wet room bathroom you booked has the equally essential fixed shower seat, or whether the guy with the ramp will be there as your train pulls into the station.

Many won't feel exactly as Carrie Ann can do at these times. Her honesty about hidden disability will be respected and welcomed and for many it will feel inspirational and very real.

But there are also huge positives in what is being said in the piece I link to below. This is 2017, travel should be available to everyone, without it creating fear and anxiety. Accessible travel should be about excitement, joy, family experiences shared and memories made. The travel industry has to do better. It has to understand what it's like to never quite know whether your plans are going to be ok, and what the impact of it all going wrong may mean for you and your family & friends.

I've added a bit more about my own experience that backs up the messages in Carrie Ann's piece in my blog at www.rustyman777.com but have a read of this first, it's well worth your time.


Cheers, Mark

About the author

Mark Wilson was a trustee on the WDP Board for five years, and a social media management lead until 1st May 2017. Mark's personal blogging website, The Blue Badge Blog, covers a wide range of disability issues, particularly accessible travel.

28th August 2017