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Warrington Disability Partnership runs a busy calendar of fundraising events so there’s always something in which you can take part! From January to December, we’re always planning and running fundraising events both large and small across Warrington.

Take part, have fun and make a difference

Businesses - By helping us we can help you with your Give Back Programmes, Corporate Social Responsibility or Staff Wellbeing Programmes, albeit helping with one off events or as your Charity of the Month or Year. For example, teams of staff from AKW and BAS supported our 2022 Santa's Grotto, helping with the build and running of the popular event. They reported back having fun helping as elves and as Santa.

Individuals and families Why not join us, bring the family and friends – or make new friends while raising funds? Our aim is to make fundraising fun. Something that’s as enjoyable for you as it is beneficial to Warrington Disability Partnership. It doesn’t matter what you do or how much you raise, every penny really does count. You’ll be making such a difference.

From large events to small, physical challenges to quiz nights, there’s something for everyone. And, if there’s something different that you’d like to do, why not organise your own event? Could you go the extra mile?

Our events for this year

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Contact our Fundraising and Community Engagement Team for information about all of our upcoming events – along with details of how to take part. Call Kate on 01925 240064 or email her and join in the fun.