Warrington Disability Partnership

Wire FM's Bring A Pound Day 2016

On Friday 24th June, Wire FM will, once again be holding their annual 'Bring a Pound Day'.

This year, the event it not just limited to local workplaces, but also schools, colleges, nurseries and any other organisations who are interested can also join in with the day. The idea is that everyone brings a £1 on the day and the Wire FM team will come down during the day to collect this (meaning that you will quite possibly get a mention on local radio). In the past, some organisations have held ‘dress down’ days or ‘fancy dress’ to coincide with this event.

As Wire FM’s ‘Charity of the Year for 2016’, all money raised will donated to Warrington Disability Partnership’s Legacy Appeal. For those of you who may not be aware, this year we are celebrating our 25th Anniversary of providing information, advice and support to local, disabled people, their families and friends. As part of our celebrations, we have set up a Legacy Fund, which will provide Employment Opportunities for at least 5 young, disabled people. During their two years of support, each young disabled person will receive ongoing training and work placement opportunities aimed at personal development and also creating a sustainable job role within WDP. For further details on our appeal, please visit: https://www.disabilitypartnership.org.uk/25years/

If you would like to be involved with this year’s ‘Bring a Pound Day’, please register your organisation on the Wire FM website by following the link: