Warrington Disability Partnership

Help us buy a sturdier scooter

WDP have identified an urgent need to add bariatric models into our Shopmobility fleet in response to user demands.

The current models in the fleet are able to cater for a max weight of 35st but recently the scheme has had to turn people away who exceed the weight limit.

Dave Thompson, co-founder and chief executive of the WDP, believes that the mobility scooter market has “not kept pace” with increasingly heavier users.

The cost of repairing the service’s fleet has amounted to around £2,000 recently, which has come as a result of scooters being damaged when people exceeding the 35st weight limit have used the equipment.

Dave said “If people over 35st were to use the equipment it could do damage to them and damage to the piece of kit itself, which would then be out of action for dozens of people.”

“We’re putting a call out to any organisations, individuals or businesses for small donations to make this happen. A lot of people are actually overweight because of medical conditions or musculo skeletal problems.

“This will enable these people to maintain their social networks, to allow them to go to pay a bill or just to do their shopping.

“Large parts of the town centre are pedestrianised and you can’t necessarily park near to the area you want to get to, so Shopmobility is a vital lifeline for lots of people.”

We need to raise £6,000 to make sure everyone who needs a Shopmobility scooter can have one. Please call Dave on 01925 240064 if you can help.

Due to weight limits a standard scooter cannot be used by some disabled people.