Warrington Disability Partnership

Warrington Shopmobility reopens

Good news for Golden Square shoppers as the Shopmobility service opens again on Monday, July 13.

Chief executive and co-founder Dave Thompson said: “We’re looking forward to restarting the scheme and giving our members a chance to make use of the new Warrington Market and the shops that have reopened in the town centre.

“Our opening hours will be as normal, between 9am and 4pm from Monday to Saturday.

“We have left a couple of weeks after the shops opened again to reopen Shopmobility, because we wanted to give the town centre time to get used to its one-way systems and to make sure that the space available was conducive with the safe use of mobility scooters.

“We’ve put into place all the strict Covid-19 guidelines, such as protective screens on the counters, regular cleaning and hand sanitizers.

“We’re also looking for people to book in advance so that we’re not inundated with lots of people at the same time, because the safety of our members is of paramount importance to us.

The fleet of mobility scooters and wheelchairs are well maintained and clean