Warrington Disability Partnership

Parent Mental Health Day 2024

Parent Mental Health Day will take place this year on Saturday 27th January.

Parent Mental Health Day is an opportunity for parents and carers to acknowledge and discuss their struggles and share in their achievements of connecting positively with each other and the whole family, and to learn ways to connect positively to maximise young people’s mental health. This years theme is centred around creating positive relationships.

A member of team WDP has kindly shared their experience with mental health as a parent:

"This topic is very close to my heart. Having a young child and juggling working life and home life sometimes can become overwhelming.

As a parent you often feel that you don’t have time for yourself such as going to the gym and making time to socialise with friends. When you feel down or disconnected from the world around you, reaching out for help is often the hardest step. Once you have taken this step things do improve. I did this as I didn’t want my family to be affected as I found going out to places challenging. I felt I was always putting a brave face on. After chatting to health professionals and having support, things started to get easier and visiting places with lots of people and enjoying daily activities became easier.

I have learnt that there isn’t a perfect parent style, not to put too much pressure on myself and it is okay to say I am not okay. Being a parent is wonderful and I wouldn’t swap it for the world but also it has many challenges."

Visit the stem4 website to for more information: https://stem4.org.uk/parentmentalhealthday/