Warrington Disability Partnership

Information Advice and Guidance

Warrington Disability Partnership was founded on the philosophy that “information can be the key to independent living”. Our staff and volunteers have decades of experience and a vast array of knowledge about local, regional and national support groups and services.

Fact sheets and/or leaflets are available about all WDP services and we have thousands of leaflets from support services available to Warrington residents.

A full range of information is available from our Centre for Independent Living and Shopmobiity Servce.

Community Information Service

In an attempt to share information as widely as possible we are actively engaged in community life, attending meetings, exhibiting at fetes and carnivals, advertising in newspapers, magazines and our partners year books. We also organise the internationally recognised Disability Awareness Day (DAD), which is held annually at Walton Hall and Gardens. DAD attracts over 250 exhibitors including over 100 charities.

Online Accessibility Guide

Through our partnership with Disable Go, the nationally recognised leader in online access guides, we surveyed over 600 local shops and services. For full details visit the Disabled Go website

Telephone Helpline Service

We offer a telephone helpline, available Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm, it is staffed by volunteers, most of whom have direct experience of disability or living with long-term health conditions. Call 01925 240064.

Disability Hate Crime Service

Warrington Disability Partnership part of Warrington’s network of hate crime reporting centres. We have staff who are trained in recording Disability Hate Crime. Find out more about disability hate crime in warrington

Online Information

We have also collected some useful advice and information here on our website Our dedicated team keep the pages up to date. These pages include useful links and help with legal matters, democracy and voting, VAT exemption and concessions available locally for disabled people.