Warrington Disability Partnership

Long-term health conditions

A long-term health condition cannot be cured but its symptoms and complications can often be controlled with treatment. Examples include arthritis, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and high blood pressure.

Long-term health conditions can have an effect on the person’s role within the family, their job, accommodation, education, finances and their overall physical and emotional well-being. Many people living with long-term health conditions are not aware of sources of support they can access, including health and social services, the government and in particular, the 3rd sector.

Help and Support

We are building a service for people with long term health conditions called Living Life Well. Contact us for more details. We also have a programme of Pain management services available in the Warrington area.

How many people are affected?

Recent figures suggest that around 15.4 million people in England (over a quarter of the population) have a long-term health condition. Data from the 2011 Census show that 35,271 (17.4%) of Warrington residents stated that they were ‘not in good health’, 16,940 (8.4%) stated that this affected their daily living ‘a lot’.

It is widely acknowledged that early interventions such as advice, guidance and support focussed on ‘self-management’ helps to build resilience, develop skills and confidence in people living with long-term health conditions and puts the person in control of their condition. This often prevents over reliance on GP’s and other statutory support services, and it leads to improved outcomes related to health and well-being.