Warrington Disability Partnership

Mobility Equipment Recycling Scheme

During the past decade mobility and other independent living products have become more readily available. Increased consumer demand and mass production has led to lower prices, higher quality and more choice. Adversely, itís not surprising that we are now seeing more items discarded in general household waste, refuse centres and landfill sites.

In response we launched an innovative scheme called LovedB4 which recovers, recycles and reuses electric mobility scooters and wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, crutches, wheeled and framed walkers. Donated equipment, once restored, is used in our Shopmobility fleet and independent living equipment loan services. Surplus goods are sold on at affordable prices from our distribution centre.

Prices start from:

  • £10 for a perching stool
  • £15 for a zimmer frame
  • £25 for a three wheeled walker
  • £35 for a four wheeled walker
  • £50 for a manual wheelchair
  • £199 for a powered wheelchair
  • £199 for a three wheeled scooter
  • £299 for a four wheeled scooter

Donate Equipment to WDP

To find out more or to arrange to donate equipment please call our main office on 01925 240064.