Warrington Disability Partnership

WDP Disability Matters and Social Impact Questionnaire 2019

As we look ahead to our 30th anniversary in 2021, we are reviewing our strategy and we would like you to help us to understand the impact of our services. This will help us to consider our future priorities, to support local disabled people, their families and carers. If you have a disability, a long-term health problem or are caring for someone who has one or the other, please complete the following short questionnaire.

1) How does WDP and disability or long-term health conditions relate to you? Please select all that apply.

2) What is the nature of the disability or long-term health condition that affects you or the people you care for? Please select all that apply

3) Have you ever used any of our services at Warrington Disability Partnership? Please tick all that apply.

4) How long have you been using WDP services?

6) Which age bracket do you fall into?

7) What is or was the single biggest barrier you have faced relating to the disability or long-term health condition that affects you?

8) If you have used WDP services, please select all of the following sentences that apply.

Using WDP services has,...

9) In your opinion, what are the best things about WDP? Please select all of the following sentences that apply.

Any others? If so, please state what they are in your own words

10) In order to help us develop our future strategy, are there any that you would like to make, or have you identified any gaps in services or wider issues that you feel that we should consider? This might be something WDP can do to add further value to our work, or that we could influence others to do.

Thank you for completing the WDP questionaire. When you have filled in all the questions, you just need to submit it to us. We don't need your name or email address.