Warrington Disability Partnership

Joyce Magusha-Charambeni

Direct Payments Advisor, Direct Payments and Personal Health Budgets

About Joyce Magusha-Charambeni:
Joyce advises potential recipients of the process to access Direct Payments (DP). On receipt of referrals from Social Services, she arranges for home visit to discuss the options open to the service user, as an employer.She covers all the pros and cons of contracting an agency, employing a personal assistant or contracting self-employed personal assistant, Record keeping, Recruitment, Payroll, Employer Liability Insurance. Joyce works on recruiting for clients including providing, support on job descriptions, advertising, job packs, interviews and selecting a suitable employee. She produces budget calculations to account for Wages, and all the employer's running costs. She provides ongoing support to all Direct Payments recipients.

Contacting Joyce Magusha-Charambeni: