Warrington Disability Partnership

Pam Thompson

Receptionist, CIL Showroom and Caravans

About Pam Thompson:
Pam been actively involved since the start in all of the developments in WDP and our trading arm The Disability Trading Company, plus Disability Awareness Day (DAD). In 2012 Pam's efforts were formally acknowledged by the Board of Trustees when she was awarded the title of Honorary President at WDP's 21st Anniversary celebrations. Her role in the showroom includes providing information, advice and guidance on mobility and independent living equipment. She has a special interest in WDP's caravans and she is a member of the DAD Management and DAD Week Teams. Pam is also actively involved in WDP fundraising activities. Pam is married to Dave Thompson, WDP Chief Executive and one of the founders of WDP.

Contacting Pam Thompson: