Warrington Disability Partnership

Community Fundraising

It's not always easy or possible to donate money yourself but one way you really can help Warrington Disability Partnership and have fun is by giving others a reason to donate instead. All you need is something challenging, fun or imaginative that will encourage your friends and family to take part or sponsor you.

Community Events

We pride ourselves on being the most actively community engaged disability charity in Warrington and the surrounding area. As you can imagine the pandemic stopped all face to face community fundraising events, but we still managed to be inventive organising online events. We look forward to attending local fetes, carnivals, fayres, workshops, conferences and exhibitions. Our Teddy Tombola’s are a favourite with children and families.

Challenge Yourself

We hold several events each year that you could take part in to help collect sponsorship, or you may want to come up with your own ideas! You'd be surprised just how much you can raise doing something big or small. You don't need to be able to run a marathon or do a bungee jump (but if you'd like to then please do!). There are lots of smaller events to get you started. Take a look at Support our events section for ideas.

Do Something Different

If you're not into fitness then don't despair, try thinking of fundraising ideas using your hobbies as a place to start. Over the years we have seen bake-offs, craft fairs, gardening competitions, videogame marathons, home-made jewellery sales and much, much more.

Get Your Workplace Involved

If you work with a lot of people then getting them involved is a great way to raise money. You could get everyone to come to work in fancy dress, wear silly wigs for the day or get people to donate a small amount to take part in a variety of workplace events. Creating a team of work friends is also a great way to take on bigger challenges and encourage each other to go the extra mile. Why not take a look at our Corporate fundraising and support page for ideas. For example David Jones and his team from Fairview Windows held a Charity Golf Day in 2022 to raise funds for WDP.

Build your own fundraising page

Having your own fundraising page allows you to collect money, generate interest and support – all quickly and easily. There’s usually no charge (each website simply deducts a small percentage of what you raise, as a service charge) and it also makes it easy to increase your funds by letting UK residents register for Gift Aid.

JustGiving - this is one of the most well-known fundraising websites. It takes just a few minutes to create a page and also includes tools to help you share it online. Better still, the site will take care of transferring your donations to us and reclaim Gift Aid on your donations. Create a page on JustGiving.

Fundraise for WDP

If you would like to support WDP in any way please contact Kate on 01925 240064 or email her.