Warrington Disability Partnership

Partnerships for Change

We pride ourselves on being the most actively community engaged disability charity in Warrington and the surrounding area. During 2018 we attended over 150 community evets and meetings, engaging with over 220,000 people. Members of the team attend a wide range of strategic and community meetings, here are some of them:

  • Warrington 3rd Sector Health and Wellbeing Alliance
  • Warrington Voluntary Sector Hub
  • Healthwatch Warrington
  • Welfare Reform Action Partnership
  • Warrington Parents and Carers Forum
  • Warrington Carers Partnership Board
  • Warrington Hate Crime Partnership Board
  • Warrington Health in Business Forum
  • Warrington Mental Health partnership Board
  • Warrington Health and Wellbeing Alliance
  • Cheshire Connect Lead and Learn

We operate the Warrington Staying Connected forum, it has a lively agenda for discussion and an active membership of over 40 individuals and organisations. The Forum provides a focus for consultation and information exchange for all matters about disability in Warrington.

Our largest partnership activity is our Disability Awareness Day (DAD). Recognised as the largest not for profit voluntary-led pan disability exhibition in the world, DAD has been held annually since 1992 in a huge tented village within the grounds of Walton Hall Gardens in Warrington. Visitors to the show will find over 250 exhibitors, equipment suppliers, transport, holidays, leisure, employment, support groups and services.